How to Safely and Easily Create the Perfect Ambiance in Your Beauty Spa Every Day by using Flameless Rechargeable Tea Light Candles

Easily create candle-lit ambience in your beauty spa by using out rechargeable electric flameless tea light candles
Commercial grade rechargeable votive candles are perfect for beauty spas
Candles Recharge rechargeable tea light candles in use at The Spa at the Chateau Elan, Hunter Valley, NSW, Australia

Creating a relaxing and luxurious ambiance in your spa is one of the essentials to being in the wellness industry. And one of the simplest ways to achieve this is by using candles. The soft light they throw out is the ultimate mood creator and can help to immediately relax your client, whilst setting the tone in the room.

Tea light candles are great because they are portable, small, can be put into virtually anything and they will fit on a narrow shelf. There is also the flip side to tea light candles, and that is that they are messy, an ongoing expense, unreliable and they are a fire hazard- and I hope that you haven’t already had to find that out first hand. I have heard plenty a horror story from clients who have had a room or their whole spa go up in flames due to a candle.

I know that your insurance company knows of the fire hazard that they cause, and that will most probably be affecting your premium or they may opt to not even cover you at all unless you get rid of them altogether! Your beautiful beauty spa with no candle ambiance is not the relaxing and luxurious picture that you are needing to present to your clients.

flameless rechargeable tea light candles set of 12

We have the solution to your needs:

How will you achieve the prized ambiance that you are needing to create in your spa if you don’t use tea light candles? The solution is flameless rechargeable tea light candles. This one change will eliminate all the negative aspects of wax candles whilst providing you with all of the positives.

In one fell swoop you can eliminate the fire hazard, the mess, the unreliability and the ongoing cost; whilst still being able to put them into anything, anywhere, and have them operate the entire day. Plus our rechargeable candles have a very realistic flicker so when they are placed in a non-clear holder you would never know it’s not a real candle.

You may be saying to yourself ‘ But they are so expensive, I can get tea light candles so cheap.’ And I can definitely understand this concern. But do you realise that over the course of 1 year that by switching to rechargeable tea light candles you will actually save money? And this doesn’t even include the possible savings your insurance company might give you! Wax tea light candles seem cheap, but when you add up the cost they are anything but cheap.

Then there is the convenience factor of flameless rechargeable tea light candles. You will never run out, they will last the whole day, they are remote controllable and they charge overnight. Plus because they are flameless you can literally put them into anything, anywhere! It doesn’t get much easier than that!

Please have a look at the details and photos of the rechargeable candle sets of 12 to gain a better idea of the product and just how well it solves your needs.

If the initial cost to change to our flameless rechargeable tea light candles seems daunting, then I would be happy to work out a payment plan that spans a few months. Of course if you have more questions about the rechargeable candles I am always more than happy to assist you, as I know all there is to know on my candles and LED candles in general. You can contact me Danielle Winters directly via email at [email protected] and I would be more than happy to call you to have a quick phone chat.