Frequently Asked Questions at Candles Recharge USA

Q: Are Candles Recharge flameless tea light candles safe?

Yes. The Candles Recharge range of commercial grade remote controllable rechargeable tea light candles are 100% safe for normal use*.

Q: Does the LED flame ever get hot?

No, as they are illuminated via a LED (Light Emitting Diode) they don’t produce any heat, so they remain 100% safe to touch no matter how long they have been on.

Q: How long will the LED last?

The LED bulbs in our flameless tea light candles have an average life span of 150,000+ hours.

Q: How many recharges will I get from the remote controllable rechargeable tea light candles?

Our commercial grade rechargeable tea light candles have a minimum of 500 recharges in them.

Q: How do I charge the rechargeable tea light candles?

After you plug your base in, make sure that every rechargeable candle is turned off from the button on the base of each rechargeable candle (not just switched off by the remote). Place them on the charger and you will see a red light appear on the rechargeable LED candle to indicate it is charging. Once the rechargeable candle is charged that indicator light will change to green.

Q: How do I connect the rechargeable candle bases to charge multiple bases off the one cord?

There is a ‘male’ and a ‘female’ socket on either long side of the induction charging base. To connect simply insert the male side into the female side, you should then see the power light on the base light up & then you know that you have connected them correctly.

Q: Can I use your commercial grade rechargeable LED candles for home use?

Yes of course, we state they are commercial quality so that the many businesses that can use our candles know they are buying top quality. But this doesn’t mean that you can’t also use our rechargeable LED candles at home.

Q: Are your products available in any retail stores?

At the moment the only way to buy our flameless candles is directly through us.

Q: What is the difference between your commercial grade remote control rechargeable tea light candle sets of 12 and other cheaper rechargeable candle sets that I may see online or in stores?

Coming from a hospitality background, we personally tested our rechargeable LED candles in our commercial restaurant environment for a year so that we were 100% sure that they would be able to withstand the use and abuse of being in a commercial environment. Our flameless rechargeable candles are definitely commercial grade and are built to last.

Our flicker, remote control technology, induction charging technology, battery life & light output are exceptional quality. We are not in the business of providing cheap rechargeable tea light candles that will not look good and function 100%. Based on the quality of our products vs our main competitors that are in the same quality bracket our rechargeable candle sets of 12 should be much more expensive, but we wanted to make them affordable for consumers and businesses.

There are cheaper rechargeable candles available on the market, however we have tested them and they do not stand up to the use and abuse like our remote control rechargeable flameless candles sets of 12 do. Their light output, colour, flicker, durability and overall technology is not of a high quality.

Q: Do your flameless rechargeable candles come with a warranty?

Yes, our commercial quality rechargeable candle set of 12 comes with a 1 year warranty.

Q: Do I need to signup/register to purchase off your website?

No, you are able to purchase as a guest. If you do register and purchase, please do let us know as registered returning customers, once logged in will automatically see returning customer pricing on applicable products.

 Q: How can I order?

Simply browse our website and when you find the flameless candle that you would like to order, choose your quantity and add it to your cart, then just complete your purchase as a guest or registered user. You can also email us to place your order and we can draw up a Paypal invoice for you to pay securely with your card.

Q: What types of payments do you accept?

Through our website we are able to process credit cards (this is done securely through Paypal), and you also have the option of paying via CHEQUE.