If you own a hospitality establishment in America, Canada or anywhere in the world catering to the public, a restaurant, bar, café, resort or hotel, for example, you probably like to have small tea light candles or paraffin oil candles placed strategically around a particular room, often a dining room, function room, lobby, bar or sitting area, to create a pleasing ambiance and atmosphere.

Shop Our Range Of Rechargeable Candles!
Shop Our Range Of Rechargeable Candles!

Easy To Use

Setting out your flameless candles is much easier too! Lighting them is achieved by a simple press of an on/off switch on the base of each candle. They are the same diameter as standard tea light candles, so they will fit into most any candle holder designed for tea lights, votives and paraffin oil candle lamps.

Every set comes with a multi function remote control, enabling you to turn each candle on/off, flicker/static, 4hr/8hr timer, slight brightness control. And you can control more than one candle at a time as long as they are in range of the remote.

Candles Recharge's commercial quality rechargeable tea light candles will fit into almost any holder!
Remote control for rechargeable tea light candles

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Shop Our Range Of Rechargeable Candles!