Indoors or Outdoors, In the USA, Canada or anywhere else let me help you have the perfectly lit Wedding Day of your dreams!

wedding and event electric candles by Candles Recharge
Battery Operated LED Tea Light Candle Warm White Flame
Battery Operated LED Tea Light Candle Amber Flame

You’ve said ‘Yes’, you have found your venue, and now it’s time to plan your big day! No matter where you are in the world, ambience is your most important factor for your wedding day and the easiest and most popular way to achieve this is with romantic flickering candle light. Only thing is, what is the best way to create your candle-lit vision?

You could go with cheap wax tea light candles, but do you want to have to deal with these possibilities?

  • Not all your wax tea lights light, and if they do some aren’t as bright as others.
  • Your tea lights don’t last your entire wedding and/or reception so have to be replaced 2-3 times.
  • You have to make sure they aren’t near anything flammable, so there goes having them illuminate your centrepieces.
  • You will have children at the wedding and they may burn themselves or set something on fire by accident.
  • You want to have an outdoor wedding and/or reception, and the slightest wind blows some or all of your candles out unless they are in extremely tall hurricanes.
  • Your venue doesn’t allow open flame at all- now what?

Let me help you make your life easy with my top quality battery operated flickering tea light candles!

  • Every one of my battery tea lights will give you equal, realistic looking flickering light.
  • Your wedding will be beautifully lit for the entire time, this is because my electric candles will last up to 40 hours on one battery (provided).
  • You can put them into anything you would like because there is no open flame!
  • They are 100% child safe as they never get hot to the touch.
  • Want to use my battery tea lights outside? Great! Impervious to wind they are the perfect option, use them in a holder or don’t- the choice is yours!
  • If you want a wedding in a historical building  or one that doesn’t allow open flame, then no problemo!

Candles Recharge conveniently offers our high quality electric battery operated tea light candles in bulk buy so that you receive the best price possible. And who doesn’t like to save?!

Be careful though of cheap battery tea lights, if you haven’t tested different ones like I have to find the best performing, color and flicker effect like I have. It’s easy to just buy on price alone. But believe me there are VAST differences in quality out there.

I can deliver to anywhere in the world, so no matter if you are in the USA, Canada or anywhere else, I can help you achieve the candle lit wedding of your dreams.

So let me answer ANY questions you may have about my battery tea lights. I am here to help you create your vision in the best looking way possible!