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One of the best advantages of our rechargeable tea light candles is the amount of money that they will save you!

Our rechargeable candle sets pay for themselves in just 4 months, when you swap from paraffin oil lamps.

Considering that the minimum life span is 2.74 years for Warm White (8,000 hours used every day for 8 hours) and up to 3.42 years for Amber (10,000 hours used every day for 8 hours) that represents a HUGE SAVING opportunity for your business!

Savings comparison chart:

Candles Types
Rechargeable Candle 16-20 hours***
Tea light candle 12 hours
Paraffin Oil candle 10 hours
Cost per Candle
Cost per Candle for 1 year
Cost per Candle for 2 years
Cost for 40 Candles for 1 year
$1752.00 + Extras
$21,900.00 + Extras
Cost for 40 Candles for 2 years
$3504.00 + Extras
$43,800.00 + Extras


Extras = Holders, Wages, Petrol, carpet cleaning, furniture cleaning, furniture replacement, time spent cleaning,time spent buying candles, the list goes on & on & on…

How much are these extras costing you every day/week/year…?

***These figures are based on 8hrs of daily use over 365 days.

Candles Recharge really does provide ‘the candle without the fuss’ to anyone who decides to use our premium rechargeable electric LED tea light candles.