Perfect candle lit ambience anywhere, anytime with our Professional Grade Flameless Rechargeable LED Tea Light Candles.

Ambience is the key factor for creating the right mood in your business or home. Remove the danger, unreliability and hassle of real candles by going flameless. And hey, who doesn’t like saving money at the same time?

Happier Customers Spend More!

Restaurants, Hotels, Bars and Cruise Ships with candle lit ambience, instantly contribute pleasing effects, and with that customers stay longer and spend more. These are the top 3 factors that determine if your business will be a success:

  1. Ambience
  2. Great food
  3. Service

Don’t leave your ambience up to chance by using costly tea light or paraffin oil candles, by using our professional grade flameless LED rechargeable tea light candles you will consistently provide the perfect candle-lit ambience to your customers every time!

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Recent Customer Reviews:

Hi Danielle,
We are very happy with the (rechargeable) candles! The flame color is realistic and is bright enough to illuminate our wax candle holders. The remote control feature is awesome, too! I will be buying another set really soon!

Have a great day!

Katie / USA

We use this product (Rechargeable Candles) in our venue for accent lighting on the tables to light up our menu as the venue is kept relatively dark. They work amazingly and give the illusion of real candles with their flickering affect.

We have had this product for a while now and is used for 8 to 10 hours every day and all are still in working order. I just bought another 12 to light up other parts of the venue.

Great product and reasonable priced when you compare to what others are selling them for. I have tried others and these are by far the best I have used. Great customer service as well!

Jacquie / Canada

Got these (battery tea light candles) for our wedding as the venue didn’t allow an open flame and so happy that we did! The effect they provided was perfect and they looked very realistic! They were turned on at about 3pm and were still going strong at 11pm. Danielle provided excellent customer service as well. Definitely worth buying!

Michelle / USA

Beauty Spas and Massage businesses instantly benefit!

Your clients are coming to you for the whole experience:

  1. Lighting
  2. Music
  3. Service

These are the three critical factors that spa and massage businesses need to get right in order for clients to enjoy their treatments. If one of these factors is off, then your odds of losing that customer grows. Make sure your lighting is right with our Rechargeable LED Flameless Tea Light Candles.

Save money, reduce hassles and never have to worry about an accidental fire in your beauty spa again!

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