Commercial quality battery operated and rechargeable tea light candles from Candles Recharge.

Easy To Use. Long Lasting. Durable. Safe. Since 2007.

Restaurants, bars, casinos, hotels and beauty spas- Our Rechargeable Tea Light Candles Save You Money!

Your return on investment is proven (here); our commercial grade remote control rechargeable flameless tea light candles will literally last for years and years to come. This equals more money in your pocket!

Our rechargeable tea light candles are so easy to use, durable, reliable and realistic looking that you will be saying to yourself- ‘Why didn’t I buy these sooner?!‘  They are always safe, and you (or your staff) won’t spend the day or evening replacing spent candles- giving you (and your staff) more time to provide excellent customer service. With a quick charge time of 8 hours giving you 16-20 hours of use and a minimum of 500 recharges you are assured years of use before replacement is needed.

Our commercial grade rechargeable flameless LED tea lights are the perfect atmosphere enhancer for bars, restaurants, hotels, casinos and beauty spas.

You have carefully created the ‘atmosphere’ that you want your customers to experience, let Candles Recharge complete the look with our rechargeable tealites. With our very realistic flicker, and color options we cover all the bases, they will fit into virtually any candle holder and their full application is only limited by your own imagination. Place our rechargeable tea lights anywhere, and in anything. Our multi-function remote control gives you more options by allowing you to choose if they flicker; to put them on a 4 or 8 hour timer; to switch them on or off and to slightly adjust their brightness.


Our high quality bulk buy battery operated tea light candles are the perfect solution at your next party, event or wedding.

These high quality smart battery operated tea light candles are clean and odorless; they produce no smoke, no mess, no heat and no smell. They are child-safe, reliable and efficient too, and the battery charge is long lasting, every time.

Our battery tealites will last a minimum of 40 hours per battery. They have a subtle flickering effect AND we have the most realistic color options on the market! At Candles Recharge we have made sure that our battery tea lights are the same diameter as a real tealite candle so that they will fit into practically any candle holder.

Use them around your house for a safe candle light option- battery operated tea light candles are highly recommended by Firemen due to the high occurrence of fires caused by candles every year. They are also a very popular option for anyone who is having a party, event or wedding because you can put them anywhere and in anything- and with their long battery life our battery tea light candles will keep flickering long after your last guest has left.


A note to customers from Danielle the Owner of Candles Recharge:

“I am very particular about the items I make available for sale on this site. I only provide the highest quality battery operated and rechargeable tea light candles that are effective and durable.

The best possible ambiance, in my opinion, comes from a subtle, realistic flicker. And my battery operated and rechargeable tea lights are as close to the real thing as you are likely to find.

There is nothing worse then getting some cheap LED flickering candles only to find that the flicker effect is more of a terrible on off of the LED ‘flame’. And if you have bought some battery tea lights, to be all excited to turn them on and use them only to find that after less than an hour or two that the battery is dead.

Alternatively if you have bought some inexpensive rechargeable tea lights you may find that in addition to the ‘flicker’ being horrible, that you now have a base that will spontaneously melt!

Another common and shared pitfall of cheap battery operated or rechargeable tea lights is that the light output is very weak- they can barely light a candle holder and are no where near the brightness of a real candle.

I come from a Hospitality family and as such I rigorously tested all the products in a running restaurant environment for a year to ensure that they were tough, effective and provided a realistic look before even contemplating selling them to anyone else. I wanted to know 100% that the product that I was selling to my customers was the best.

I have been specializing in these battery operated and rechargeable flameless candles since 2007, so if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me to ask. I am here to help you make the best decision for your home or business.”

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